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The Dominoes Lobby is a place where you can go to play an online game of Dominoes, and find others who are ready to play.

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Game Help - 17:46:17 - it is default set to private
Game Help - 18:02:35 - sometimes moon is easier to join...try my table there
Game Help - 18:02:57 - JR
beerdaddy42 - 17:20:05 - Happy Anniversary to the windominoes42 League! We noticed that November 10 marks the 14-year
beerdaddy42 - 17:20:35 - anniversary of your League. What a great accomplishment!
shakeyac - 21:45:51 - you on im tom
DominoTA - 21:04:27 - shakeyac(6) defeated DominoTA(1)
shakeyac - 19:18:44 - try again tom
shakeyac - 19:53:06 - DominoTA(1) defeated shakeyac(3)
shakeyac - 19:32:24 - hi ta im here 2-16-2016
shakeyac - 20:51:19 - DominoTA(1) defeated shakeyac(2)
shakeyac - 19:29:48 - hi tom im in guest mode
shakeyac - 20:38:09 - DominoTA(6) defeated shakeyac(7)
DominoTA - 11:32:46 - hi
DominoTA - 11:33:04 - I will make a tabler again
shakeyac - 11:46:07 - try again tom 4/11
DominoTA - 12:54:55 - 4/11 shakeyac(7) defeated DominoTA(6)
shakeyac - 19:54:48 - om in guest tom
shakeyac - 19:13:58 - hi tom im in giest
DominoTA - 17:47:41 - Billy go to guest when you can play
shakeyac - 18:45:15 - im in guest
Cowboy - 14:09:34 - Cowboy I'm ready to play when a table is open
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