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The Win42 Lobby is a place where you can go to play an online game of Win42, and find others who are ready to play.

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pamc1103 - 19:23:19 - gator when I try to join you table - can't
pamc1103 - 19:31:30 - I give - this site is not user friendly
pamc1103 - 19:36:15 - gator how can I be your p and your opp?
pamc1103 - 19:37:33 - gator there is not way I should be able to be your p and your opp
irene - 14:03:54 - anyone wants to lay 42
irene - 14:05:17 - ANYONE WANT T OPLAY A QUICK 42 GAME
irene - 18:41:00 - pamc11o3
irene - 16:30:28 - pamc1103
irene - 19:17:34 - is anyone gooing to play
irene - 20:01:34 - ta why can't i get in
les stevens - 14:11:42 - play tonight @ 18:00
irene - 20:47:50 - TA COME TO PRIVE ROOM
irene - 13:47:45 - ANYONE WANT TO PLAY
nativetexan - 09:07:05 - well im usually on, ive been working the past week quite a bit
lazytd - 10:50:03 - We do not have a static IP adress so can not host a table wanna play
lazytd - 10:56:24 - start a table will join
lazytd - 10:56:58 - start a table will join
lazytd - 10:57:28 - this clock is on what time I have 12:22 pm central
lazytd - 11:08:37 - guess no one is home.. latter
irene - 16:30:19 - does any wantto olay
seismic64 - 19:18:55 - yes, but i don not know how
irene - 18:15:00 - come on ta let play
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Note: you can use the lobby to list your game, and still play while you wait for someone to join. Just start the game, go to network host mode, make sure the “Use Lobby” box is checked, then click File, New Game, and play until someone joins you.

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