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The Win42 Lobby is a place where you can go to play an online game of Win42, and find others who are ready to play.

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scorpio - 00:44:05 - Please remember you can always,
scorpio - 00:45:13 - Register with a team name,
scorpio - 00:45:51 - And un-register to join someone else's team.
scorpio - 00:47:09 - With such a few of us regular players
scorpio - 00:48:46 - It's most important we all work together on this issue.
scorpio - 00:49:33 - To insure we get everyone playing who wants to play.
scorpio - 00:55:15 - If anyone need help to get registered, and on a team,
scorpio - 00:55:59 - Pleas feel free to contact one of us older members.
scorpio - 00:59:37 - again, and to repeat, we all use Yahoo Messenger for interactive communication with each ot
scorpio - 00:59:54 - other
scorpio - 01:03:16 - Yahoo Messenger is free and only takes 5 ninutes to download here.
scorpio - 01:03:59 - he download page is: https://messenger.yahoo.com/download/
scorpio - 01:05:13 - This is the most recent version I think.
scorpio - 01:06:20 - INAP, for the Tuesday 10/14/14, Tournament.
irene - 19:47:10 - irene
irene - 19:48:48 - inap for the tuesday10/14/14
scorpio - 20:06:12 - Irene, Okay,,,contact me on yahoo for my team name/password
scorpio - 20:07:01 - Mike, scorpio68dfw
irene - 16:42:04 - im here
VIAS - 14:32:55 - I am also here ;-)
scorpio - 20:55:59 - INAP
scorpio - 20:56:43 - Tournament for Tues. 10/21;/14
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