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scorpio - 23:43:45 - I honestly can rate ccdominoes superior to all other domino sites.
scorpio - 23:45:17 - Not only are the grafics better, the players are all great, and fun players.
scorpio - 23:48:23 - I hope to see many players join and come back to play with us.
scorpio - 23:49:18 - join, and/or come back.
scorpio - 23:53:00 - The score is, yall 6, us 5, My partner just bid 84!
scorpio - 23:54:44 - Join us to see who wins.
VIAS - 08:54:31 - When will the creation of the American Federation of Texas 42 ?! ;-)
irene - 11:37:31 - whitney would you like to be my p on tues tonney
VIAS - 14:03:24 - French radio country music : http://www.musicboxtv.com/stream/radio.php
scorpio - 09:27:23 - any George or Willy, or Waylon on that station?
scorpio - 09:37:35 - Press '1' for English.
scorpio - 09:39:01 - Press '2' to disconnect until you learn to speak English.
scorpio - 09:45:11 - A Christian nation of the free and the home of the brave
cinderrelic - 10:06:29 - Yes, Mike, it is an country music station in France but it has English words and does have
cinderrelic - 10:07:00 - Waylon and Willy on it. It is very nice. Thank you VIAS
VIAS - 01:41:02 - It is with pleasure ;-)
VIAS - 01:41:08 - It is with pleasure ;-)
VIAS - 01:41:36 - https://www.facebook.com/texas42france
winwon - 13:12:44 - Curtis' blog: http://42-dominoes.blogspot.com/
winwon - 13:12:54 - check it out
KimberlyRenae - 18:48:38 - when i start a new table of my own why does it have me named Loyd? when i am logged in with
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