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scorpio - 05:07:32 - Out of 19 commentaries commenting on indicating.
scorpio - 05:08:05 - Fourteen (74%) are for, one (5%) is against, and four (21%) did not menti
scorpio - 05:08:43 - It is so interesting to read the many comments on the subject of "fair Indicating bids, and
scorpio - 05:10:59 - "fair Indicating bids, and plays."
scorpio - 05:13:30 - It is so interesting to read the many comments on the subject of "fair Indicating bids, and
scorpio - 05:18:36 - I respect the desires of those who wish to go back in time before indicating.
scorpio - 05:19:16 - It's not going to happen.
scorpio - 05:20:38 - We have long passed the point in time when we can go back.
scorpio - 05:21:25 - After all. We are in the 21st. century now.
scorpio - 05:22:07 - Like the railroad conductor says, " all aboard for the 21ST century, or get left behind.%
scorpio - 05:25:55 - High end indicating, is also considered fair play, Like it or not, It's HERE TO STAY.
scorpio - 05:26:45 - These two practices are so prevalent in the game though, that I consider them a part of well-
scorpio - 05:27:26 - well played 42
scorpio - 05:30:26 - You can either learn use it, and join it or not. But you will never be able to change it.
scorpio - 05:41:59 - Dennis Roberson's Thoughts on
scorpio - 05:42:31 - Doubles and Prearranged Bidding Practices
scorpio - 05:43:07 - http://texas42.net/dennis-indicating.html
scorpio - 05:43:38 - Hands down, this is a best read of all.
scorpio - 05:45:12 - Ed Hill also has a very good commentarie on many interesting subjects.
scorpio - 05:45:58 - I would say Ed would mak a good 42 teacher also.
scorpio - 05:46:33 - He could play 42 I'm quite sure in his sleep.
scorpio - 05:47:04 - http://texas42.net/glynnhill42.html
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