Comments from users of Win42 and Dominoes for Windows

Here are some unsolicited comments I have received since the games were made available around July 1, 1996.

"The graphics and the entire concept of both games are superb. Thank you very much for making them available at so reasonable a cost."
- C.Y. in Dallas

"[The Win42 game] is excellent in every respect (althought my partner has a tendency to overbid his hand occasionally!), and I have thoroughly enjoyed it."
- Scott in Texas

"Great game. Plays like us old folks played dominoes almost every night sitting around a kerosene lamp in the ol' farm house 60 years ago."
- Wilbur, Illinois

"I just wanted to write and let you know how much I really do like your WIN 42 software. I downloaded the shareware version last night and stayed up 'til 3:00 a.m. checking it out... I would have settled for about anything, but your game is fantastic. From the classic "Puremco" Southwest Conference & Flag motif backs, to the amusing and authentic "comments" of the players, you have hit the nail on the head."
- Dwayne, Ft. Worth

"Just want to send you a special thank you for your 42 game and your domino game.'ve made a lot of people happy by making this program."
- user in Wichita Falls, Tx

"I cannot express how excited I was to find the 42 game! You have done a magnificent job combining the graphics and smooth animation."
- Ann in Georgia

"I have spent countless hours playing the game; that is, when I can pry my wife hands off the keyboard. I think you have done an excellent job recreating 42..."
- Larry in Texas

"What a great game. When I found your game, I nearly jumped for joy. I play it every chance I get."
- Allen in Nevada

"I'm evaluating your Win42 domino game and find it to be an excellent rendition of the real thing, complete with Texas flavor."
- Paul in Texas

"I cant thank you enough i know already i'll be spending alot of my time playing that game... i know at least 50 people who will go crazy for this program. we have all been looking for one simmilar."
- Sean in Texas

"My wife and I think it is the greatest Dominoe game we have seen for computer. You have done a great job on it."
- Jerry in Georgia

"Wanted you to know that I think both programs are GREAT.. Just what I have been trying to find for a LONG time."
-MW in cyberspace

"Well, I say that this is now a tremendous game. ...I think you have the perfect game."
- Rob in California

"Your Dominoes program is great."
- Henry in Mississippi

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Updated 15 April 2005