Utilities and Games for the HP 100LX and 200LX Palmtop PC's

from Curtis Cameron

Microsoft Outlook to HP LX Converter 4.25- 12 May 2005. Converts and synchronizes the palmtop's PDB and GDB files with Outlook's Contacts, and ADB files with Outlook's Calendar and Tasks folders. Now also converts Outlook's email to a GDB or NBB file. Read the readme.txt file. This is a self-extracting ZIP file that places the program in the C:\OL2LX directory by default. Run the OL2LX program there, and if you get an error about missing MSVBVM50.DLL, then get the VB runtime files, available here from www.hotfiles.com (this works with Win95 and up, despite that it only mentions 95). Then download this and install it.

RPN Command line calculator - 04 December 2002, version 1.21. This calculator runs from the command line in DOS, so works on the LX or on a PC. Supports basic functions plus trig and logarithms, has a range up to 104932, and is about 16KB.

Decimate - 11 January 2001. Utility to delete older backups in such a way that you have very old ones, as well as closely-spaced recent ones, while having a few instead of hundreds of them.

HPLX Data File Checker v1.73 - 28 May 2000. Checks palmtop files for corruption. Use it from the DOS command line, or in a batch file to keep from backing up corrupted files. Even checks password-encrypted files, and this version can find more errors.

BOWL.EXE - 26 February 2003. This is a bowling scorekeeper that runs on the 100/200LX, for one to four players, and lets you log the score. Why do I have this, you ask? When I shoot pool, I often play the game of Bowlliards, which keeps score just like in bowling.

POOL.EXE - 26 February 2003. This is a counter that keeps your score when playing the game of Straight Pool. It's like one of those quadruple sets of thumbwheels that you see at the end of many commercial tables, but this is automated. Enter the number of balls left on the table at the end of an inning and it does the rest.

WDB Load/Dump - 11 November 1999. Utility to allow you to export and import text files into and out of World Time files.

The following are games I've written for the HP palmtop computers. They were done for my own entertainment, and I'm making them available for everyone free of charge. They run in DOS mode, but work only on the 100LX and 200LX because the graphics are specific to that display. They are designed to be easy to use on the palmtops, with clear graphics and very small .exe size, so they won't hog your precious disk space.

Also take a look at the dominoes games I've done for Windows.

These are ZIP files, and you'll need to have pkunzip.exe to extract them.

Now available are screen shots of what the games look like.

New - Video Poker Version 1.0 - 13k bytes - 26 Oct 03. A simple video poker game for the LX.

Golf Solitaire Game Version 2.1 - 13k bytes - 11 Mar 00. Now saves state between sessions, shows histogram of stats, and has a “progress bar” at the bottom.

FreeCell Solitaire Game Version 3.0 - 25k bytes - 22 Sep 99. Now can play game numbers from the Windows version of FreeCell, plus other features. Let me know of any interesting game numbers you find, and I'll make them available. Difficult games are:

Snake Version 1.1 - 13k bytes - 20 Jun 99. You're a snake which gets longer with each meal. How many can you eat? Version 1.1 fixes a lock-up bug in 1.0.See the screen shot.

Ten Thousand Game Version 1.5 - 17k bytes - 19 May 99. Another dice game. You can play against another person or against the computer. See the screen shot.

Tetris Version 1.1 - 13k bytes - 14 Sep 98. Plays the classic game Tetris. This version fixed the bug in 1.0 where your clock would get reset to midnight.

Double-Nine Dominoes Version 1.1 - 29k bytes - 15 Jul 98. Just like the other (double-six) dominoes game, but played with double-nine dominoes it makes you think 50% harder! See the screen shot.

Yahtzee Game Version 2.1 - 13k bytes - 22 Apr 98. Now you can play one or two players.

Dominoes Game Version 2.2 - 28k bytes - 15 Jan 98. Saves game in progress on exit, and presents a "show" if you win.

Klondike Solitaire Game Version 2.3 - 18k bytes - 10 Dec 97. Now keeps track of your win/loss stats.

Calculation Solitaire Version 1.0 - 15k bytes - 28 Aug 96. Try to win the game in the fastest time.

BlackJack Game Version 1.2 - 16k bytes - 17 Aug 96. Now plays using function keys.

"42" Dominoes Game Version 1.2 - 33k bytes - 23 Feb 96. Plays the same game as the Windows version mentioned above.

Great Circle Calculator Not a game, but a worksheet for Lotus 1-2-3 which calculates and displays the shortest path between two points on earth (the great circle path). Enter latitude and longitude data from the palmtop's WorldTime app. An interesting addition for world travellers.

If you would like to develop programs using the HP palmtops, I have created some demo files that you can use to get started.