Welcome to the Dominoes Games Lobbies

See the new features of version 3.60

As of August 2003, the location of the Lobbies has moved from dominoes.airweb.net to www.ccdominoes.com. If your games are still trying to point to the old site, point them the new site by downloading and runing this file. Click it to start downloading it (it's very small so downloads quickly), then your browser should give you the option to run it. When it runs, you'll see a message that the dominoes games now will work at the ccdominoes.com site. You need to do this only once.

General Directions

When you play in Network host mode, there is a “Use Lobby” check box. When this is checked, the game notifies the Lobby every 60 seconds about the game - who's playing, whether there's room for more, what the rules you use are, what the score is, etc. Someone looking at the Lobby with his web browser can then see all the tables that have reported their status, and if he wants to join one, just click on the “empty seat” link to be connected.

But you don't even have to look at the Lobby with your browser. If you click File, Begin network game, there's a menu choice to “Connect with Lobby”. The game contacts the Lobby's monitor program and asks whether there are any games going with available seats. If not, you'll be started in Host mode and the Lobby will be notified, so others can join you. If there is a game available, the program will be started on your computer in guest mode, and automatically connected to the one the Lobby sends it to (the first one it comes to).

The program that installs the dominoes games (both the Full Package and the Version Upgrade) will set up everything you need to use the lobbies. Click here to see if it works - this will launch a Win42 game in host mode.

If you have at least version 3.60, then you shouldn't need to do any more setup in order to play the game as a guest. But if you want to be a host of a game, you need to read how to set up your computer's Internet Connection Firewall or router to allow connection requests to come in to your computer.

Now that everything is set up, go back to the Lobby. If there is a game listed that you would like to connect to, click on the empty seat at that table, and the game will be launched, and the network connections will be made for you automatically.

When you host a game, you need to have leave it running in Network Host mode while you wait. Otherwise any guests won't be able to connect to you. When a guest joins, you'll hear a sound, and a little window should pop to the front, asking you whether to allow that person in the game.

New Features of Version 3.60

As of version 3.60, certain features of network play are simplified. Now two or more people can play behind the same firewall. To simply play as a GUEST, you don't need to worry about your firewall or router at all - there should be no setup required for any new user to play as a GUEST. GUESTS can also play from behind most corporate firewalls. The downside of all this is that the network games are not compatible with previous versions. Now the GUESTS are the ones initiating the connections, so that's why they don't need to worry about incoming requests and how to tell their router or firewall how to handle them. If you want to be a HOST, and you have a firewall our router, you still need to tell the firewall how to allow incoming requests or the router which computer to send connection requests to. By the way, if you have a router already, and you find that your Internet Connection Firewall on your WinXP computer is turned on, you can turn it off - if your router uses NAT, it works as your firewall.

So my hope is that a new person can play as a GUEST in a very easy, non-intimidating environment, and when he's a little more confident, can do a little setup to start being a HOST. Note that when a table shows in the Lobby, it will show what version the host of that table is running, so you'll know whether you can connect to him.

Signing in to the Lobbies

If you want to chat in the Lobbies to send messages to others, or if you just want others to see that you're viewing the Lobby page, you can sign in. If it's your first time, click the link to Join The Lobbies, and tell it your e-mail address, and create your own user name. A temporary password will be mailed to you, which you can then change when you sign in. Your passwords are never stored at my site, they're not transmitted over the Internet, and I don't get to see them. Instead, the page creates a “hash,” or code based on your password, and the hash is sent. When you sign in, it checks the hash value against the hash it was expecting to allow you to sign in. This is a long explanation, but I want you to know that I went to some trouble so that your valuable passwords won't be compromised by me.