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The Win42 Lobby is a place where you can go to play an online game of Win42, and find others who are ready to play.

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FortyTwo - 13:15:00 - Hello everyone !
FortyTwo - 11:08:54 - Sorry winsome... I have a connection problem
FortyTwo - 12:46:33 - Bonne fin d'année à tous
FortyTwo - 12:47:26 - I wish you an excellent end-of-year celebration !!!
JWhitney - 12:14:47 - Thanks
JWhitney - 12:44:13 - Char I tried to get on your table and it timed out! FYI
lazytd - 10:48:14 - Mr. Cameron , it's been over 30 days since I played. came will let me login with my Name an
lazytd - 10:48:49 - and password but not from our "desktop icon" help.
lazytd - 10:49:04 - please¿:)
lazytd - 10:50:42 - oops.. "came" should've been "Game"
Luis - 11:59:35 - howdy
Yarby - 16:12:44 - Hey Jerry! I got this set-up on my laptop and am playing bots for practice.
JWhitney - 17:04:08 - Brock, I could not join your table...
charles - 19:12:06 - miselsie I can not join your table
JWhitney - 07:38:06 - Every evening about 7-9pm, we are playing, come and join us.
nativetexan - 16:50:56 - Haven't been on here in a few years.
nativetexan - 16:53:49 - Anyone still playing?
trusty - 20:51:36 - 7/23/19 anyone here ?
trusty - 20:55:04 - hi howdy doody
JWhitney - 11:28:28 - Howdy Trusty...how you doing?
trusty - 18:42:47 - 7/26 anyone here ?
JWhitney - 18:38:22 - Open a table and someone might join you.
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Note: you can use the lobby to list your game, and still play while you wait for someone to join. Just start the game, go to network host mode, make sure the “Use Lobby” box is checked, then click File, New Game, and play until someone joins you.