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The Win42 Lobby is a place where you can go to play an online game of Win42, and find others who are ready to play.

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melvin42 - 09:50:46 - connie, I could not connect to your table
melvin42 - 10:09:46 - connie, still could not connect to your table
melvin42 - 10:53:02 - connie, stil could not connect to the table
melvin42 - 11:00:38 - connie, can't connect to that one either
DominoTA - 19:18:10 - Connie, Can't connect to your table sorry
skbroughton - 18:33:24 - Can you see my table
skbroughton - 18:33:43 - try to join my table please
skbroughton - 19:07:26 - Help
melvin42 - 14:44:30 - Sandy I could not connect to your table
melvin42 - 14:45:02 - create an exception in the windows firewall
skbroughton - 14:45:14 - Okay I still need to work on it
melvin42 - 14:45:29 - name it win42 and allow the pass through connection
skbroughton - 14:45:41 - okay I will try
skbroughton - 14:45:52 - thank you
melvin42 - 14:46:42 - if you have yahoo messenger, you can contact me at ztroxel@yahoo.com
melvin42 - 14:48:45 - sandy we tried last year to set you up to host, you internet provider did allow it as I recal
skbroughton - 15:19:39 - New computer and new internet provider
Clydene - 15:56:58 - Hi, looking for TA :)
Clydene - 15:57:49 - Hi, looking for TA :)
Clydene - 15:58:22 - Hi, looking for TA :)
DominoTA - 21:29:54 - Hello Clydene will try to IM you
scorpio - 18:20:54 - Are you on Irene?
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