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The Win42 Lobby is a place where you can go to play an online game of Win42, and find others who are ready to play.

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rbjscott2 - 12:35:45 - would like to play. first time here.
rbjscott2 - 13:28:02 - would like to play. first time here.
JIFFY - 12:06:21 - How do you get a game going on here?
Charles - 18:19:10 - Miselsie I can't join guess i'm doing something wrong
jasonpaul - 15:41:12 - Anyone have a spot at a table open?
jwhitney - 18:26:23 - If you can't join, then the router is not set up right for the person that your trying to j
jwhitney - 18:26:58 - I'm having trouble getting mine set up right.
jwhitney - 18:27:33 - send me an email and I'll see if I can join you.
jwhitney - 18:27:52 - howdydoody1947@yahoo.com
4U2CASAP - 00:28:11 - hi everyone
bossdawg822 - 04:58:05 - hello
bossdawg822 - 05:00:04 - anykody want to p;ay
dude - 20:34:56 - how do i get the network to listen
dude - 20:54:57 - how do i get the network to listen
trusty - 14:50:28 - anyone here ? 10/06/17
DominoTA - 18:48:42 - connie are you there?
DominoTA - 18:49:10 - Connie tried to join your table , but no luck.
Badfish89v - 08:45:16 - Anybody Online?
JDCurr - 11:09:15 - is this site still operational
Libby - 16:30:34 - hello, anyone here?
JDCurr - 19:07:04 - i want my money back Curtis
JDCurr - 19:20:37 - NO ONLINE GAMES??????
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Note: you can use the lobby to list your game, and still play while you wait for someone to join. Just start the game, go to network host mode, make sure the “Use Lobby” box is checked, then click File, New Game, and play until someone joins you.