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The Win42 Lobby is a place where you can go to play an online game of Win42, and find others who are ready to play.

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whitney - 19:09:28 - miselsie i tried to join your table and it timed out!
irene - 14:31:07 - HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL42 PLAYERS
steveb - 18:13:08 - Happy New Year - first time caller, long time fan. Anyone home?
steveb - 18:30:34 - I seem to be "host chahllenged"; trying to read up on getting it started...
Alice - 18:39:58 - 12/31/15 6:39 MT - Steve tried to join your table
Alice - 18:40:24 - Got the "error: connect timed out" message
Alice - 18:40:41 - Might need to tweak your router settings?
steveb - 18:41:57 - ok... can you host and I
steveb - 18:42:14 - I'll join yours?
steveb - 18:43:07 - My first time here. I'll need to get out the router manual I guess... :)
steveb - 19:11:51 - I'm using a Windows 8.1 machine and the instructions are for Win XP. Trying to figure this o
whitney - 21:13:05 - Les, i tried joining your table, but it timed out, router settings are off.
charles - 18:06:18 - When is a good time to check for a game?
irene - 21:20:33 - are yiou ready to say good night
shakeyac - 20:34:29 - want let me join ttom
DominoTA - 20:45:15 - MAKE A TABLE AND i WILL JOIN YOU
shakeyac - 21:06:20 - come and join
DominoTA - 21:39:05 - well I missed you sorry Billy
DominoTA - 21:39:51 - Don't see any table?
DominoTA - 21:39:51 - Don't see any table?
DominoTA - 21:43:11 - Good night all
irene - 18:02:33 - i have a table in the lobby
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Hosts please get Version 3.6201.

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Note: you can use the lobby to list your game, and still play while you wait for someone to join. Just start the game, go to network host mode, make sure the “Use Lobby” box is checked, then click File, New Game, and play until someone joins you.