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The Win42 Lobby is a place where you can go to play an online game of Win42, and find others who are ready to play.

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Kimberly - 19:22:22 - Can you play here with a Mac?
scorpio - 10:57:20 - Yes Kimberly, you should be able to.
DominoTA - 19:14:46 - Connie, Can't connect to your table sorry
whitney - 17:54:15 - Chad I tried to connect to your t able, but it timed out. You either wouldn't allow me to
whitney - 17:54:50 - You may not have it set up right.
winwon - 21:38:22 - Curtis has a blog about 42 and dominoes, check it out:
winwon - 21:38:35 - http://42-dominoes.blogspot.com/
scorpio - 23:27:44 - Why don't more people chat here?
scorpio - 23:29:32 - I hope to see more players for the Tuesday tourneys.
scorpio - 23:30:44 - Tourney starts each Tuesday at 8:00 PM EDT
scorpio - 23:31:33 - Domino TA is the TD, Shakeyac helps sometimes
scorpio - 23:33:15 - My Yahoo name is scorpio68dfw if any help I can give you
scorpio - 23:33:50 - Please feel free to give me a shout.
scorpio - 23:43:45 - I honestly can rate ccdominoes superior to all other domino sites.
scorpio - 23:45:17 - Not only are the grafics better, the players are all great, and fun players.
scorpio - 23:48:23 - I hope to see many players join and come back to play with us.
scorpio - 23:49:18 - join, and/or come back.
scorpio - 23:53:00 - The score is, yall 6, us 5, My partner just bid 84!
scorpio - 23:54:44 - Join us to see who wins.
VIAS - 08:54:31 - When will the creation of the American Federation of Texas 42 ?! ;-)
irene - 11:37:31 - whitney would you like to be my p on tues tonney
VIAS - 14:03:24 - French radio country music : http://www.musicboxtv.com/stream/radio.php
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